How To Structure Water

Structured water is like having pure rain water every day...

how to structure water

“When one understands our innate life blood and Structured Water are one and the same; the truth of Nature, we then know we are standing in the doorway to fulfill our Destiny. We are in the Grace of Receivership.“

-Clayton Nolte


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There are so many water treatment units on the market today to try to decide between, but have you heard of Clayton Nolte’s Bio Photonic Structured Water Units?

If you want to know how to structure water successfully, then take a look at this.

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Clayton Nolte, the founder of Natural Action Water, a former military man with a classified clearance, has had a unique chance to learn about water with a massive budget to do research and development, and he has found out how to structure water just like nature does, using ancient, sacred geometry, to produce a unit that copies the structuring and purification of water similar to how it is done in nature.

We have had tremendous results from using the Home Unit.

So much so, that we would like to introduce you to these water purifiers, as they are like no other!

We have tried many of the water purifiers that have come on the market, but none of them have done what this one does.

This technology, in using the sacred geometry in the unit's interior, multi-vortexes, energizes and structures the water, back to its purest form.

It removes the electronic memory of the pollutants from the water molecule. It is a fact of nature that water needs to be structured every 300 ft.

This structuring happens naturally in nature, when water goes through shingle river beds, or comes down as rain, or up out of springs or over waterfalls.

These Structured Water Units replicate this process.

So, how do you structure water?

The water is multi-vortexed left and right simultaneously through the interior of the unit.

There is AMAZING growth in a garden watered with this water!

There are amazing water savings in using structured water as it is so hydrating.

There are amazing health benefits to drinking this water, and increased energy for 1000 feet around a property watered with this water.

It is like having pure rain water everyday, as this water is purified back to its energetic pristine form, with high energy and no memory of pollutants!

Drink this water, it is so smooth, and showering in it makes you feel like singing. It has poetically been called  'LIQUID LOVE',  by one enthusiast, after bathing in it.

Look no further, your search is over to find out how to structure water correctly